Three ways to hatch good ideas and maybe even get a glance at the future

Sometimes I think I can appear fuzzy and new age in more than one way. This explanation I will give is probably right up there in that category.

For as long as I can remember I have always been creative and had many dodgy ideas that I thought the decision to implement. To 90%, I also actually implement them. For obstinacy and stubbornness is another move I perfected. This is sort of a family trade mark as well. I’d Like to say that we are since the thirteenth century  long decending line of of tenacious and stubborn fools.

Anyway, I have over the years come to the conclusion that there are three special occasions when I “hatch” good ideas and … here goes fuzzy, get a revelation of how things might look in the future. I know, it sounds absolutely stark raving crazy, but I stand by my statement. Because I’ve been through this enough times to stop being skeptical. Yes, exactly … skepticism is one other characteristic of my family have mastered pretty damn well.

The first way that I hatch ideas is when I take a brisk walk and listen to good music. I do not know how many times a lock is released, or a new idea has popped up during a walk. There’s something about the monotonous pattern of movement and the relaxing music that simply becomes a perfect combination.

The other way is to go to the gym and work out hard. Again, it may help to listen to my own music. But I do not think it’s the music that matters most in this position, but the chemical explosion of dopamine, serotonin, adreanlin etc etc that acts as a kind of redemptive elixir. I’m definitely not the only one to experience how incredibly well it can work to train really hard when you have stress and anger built up in the body. A good workout usually almost always fix it. But for me, it also gives birth to new creative ideas during the workout.

The third, and the “fuzzy” way is not really something I can influence, and which I also do not want to affect. Because it occurs almost always when I’m sick and have a fever. It all reveals itself as a kind of waking dream. A very strange and fragmentary cut scene that plays in my mind. It’s almost like when you dream when you’re asleep, and you wake up fully convinced that it is true. Likewise, it will be for me when I have severe fever. Many probably think, sure, but it is only the brain that is overheating and reacts strangely. I would agree to a large extent, but it is a fact that I’ve seen right unbacked things since proven to be true. Though I should add that most of the times I have actually taken my “visions”, and simply implemented them. But sometimes, there have been things that I have not been able to realize itself … but the vision has a lot of fragemnts that become a reality. It is just THAT is the fuzzy and inexplicable. It could be som kind of fucked up DejaVu, I don’t know. and it scares the living crap out of me when I understand that I’ve been right.

I was a stomach ill last week and had a roller coaster of fever spikes, and during one of these so I got one of those strange revelation. It has nothing to do with the Tattoo Art Project, or 10 Songs For A Life, but it gave me a small and very rough hint about where I will find myself in the future.
However, I also managed to take a walk this saturday, and that short walk gave me a very clear insights  how I will solve the problem of designing my digital podium to be used for the art exhibition “10 songs from a life.” So I was actually very happy when I realized that I complicated things about the design way to much before. Instead it became very clear that simplicity is often the smartest and best way to go.

So that’s the “easy” way I am now going to follow, at least for a while … before I start to complicate things again!

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