Gunnar Valdimarsson is now an official TAP

Gunnar Valdimarsson hasn’t really been tattooing for that many years, but looking at his work I can’t believe how he could have develop so fast! He is one of those tattoo artists that seem to have ignored the possibility to specialize in either color or black and grey realism, and instead decided to be equally awesome in both!

Gunnar who originally comes from Island, actually started to study to an Audio Engineer in USA. Then after school he began to hang out at a local tattoo studio over there and he became very fascinated with the craft. After he finished school he moved back to Iceland to pursue a career in Audio Engineering, but as he got so very inspired by the tattooing craft and therefore he decided to quit the Audio engendering business, and instead devote his full time to Tattooing instead. In my opinion…that was a brilliant move !

Gunnar says that he likes to do a lot of different types of motif and styles, but also that portraits and realistic animal tattoos have been a favorite of his for a long time. I can definitely agree in that, because it shows! He has a magicians way of creating a sense of natural presence and 3D feeling in his motifs. It almost feels like I could reach out with my hand and poke inside the actual photo! These two photos on this page is a good example of that!
Today Gunnar lives and works in Oslo, Norway at the Attitude Tattoo Studio. The studio owner is no other than Electric Linda, who also is an amazing realistic tattoo artist. I can just imagine how much these two super talents can inspire and teach each other!

I’m extremely happy to have added Gunnar to the TAP. He is straight up an amazing artist and I’m certain he will produce a bunch of realistic masterpieces in the future.

So a very warm welcome to Tattoo Art Project Gunnar!

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