Matteo Pasqualin

Matteo Pasqualin is an unbeliveably talented realistic tattoo artist from Porto Viro, Italy!

I was born on 1974 in a little town north east italy, near Venice. I lived there untill few years ago, when I decided to open my shop at 50 km from, in The same town where i work nowaday, Porto Viro. This because i saw That in That town People asked big pieces on skin, more than other town around there! So there was a good opportunity to work and learn!my studies have nothing to do with art. Infact, i study to be an electrician and i work as it in a factory near Home for 6 years. but, during my freetime, since i was a child, i spent a lot of time drawing. This is probably because my father loved to paint ( even if very rarely) , OIL on canvas! This aroused curiosity in me and pushed me to consider drawing as a play, and a good way to like more to my father! The strange thing is That i’ve never tryied to paint OIL on canvas once in my life! I drew a lot, expecially with pencils.that’s why i prefer to work with Black and grey, nowaday!TATTOO art entrered in my life as i decided, almost as playing, to get a little TATTOO with some friends. At The age of 18, we went in a TATTOO shop near Home (it was The only one and it was a strange newed in That period, for a little town like That), i choose a subject,( a little pegasus) without think about a lot, and get tattooed.

Three years ago, accidentally, i started to do some little tattoo, after asked some advices to a boy wich Made tattoos at Home. For other three years i only tattooed at Home untill The same tattooist owner if tattoo shop where i for my First tattoo,asked me to work for him. I Let my job on factory where i worked since 6 years and i started my First one very adventure of my life! I worked with him for Two years but there was not a good feeling between us. So i decided to open my shop, far from his, in a town where only few persons knew me. I mamed it ‘ matteo’s tattoo’. Nowaday, my new shop is called ‘The inkers’ and it’s located few meters from The older shop .

I began very late to attend at some tattoo convention. my furst was 4 years ago.Since now i attended expecially italian Tattoo conventions,and some out italy like frankfurt Miami Budapest ,and this year , london, my favorite, where i won 2 price category Black and grey! The First i won The 1 price, has been Roma, 2011, category Black and grey with a sleeve dedicated at london oldest period.then i won several other in The Black and grey or other category, like ‘best color’ in Milan this year, with a piece dedicated to star wars.all this conventions teached a lot to me; gave me The opportunity to know a lot of friends and study their style.

Since a was a child, i ‘ve always been fascinated by Black and grey pictures. And i always tryied to reproduce The same on paper with pencil, in every little detail! I don’t know if it could be considered a style but i really love to keep a work with a lot of little details to do, and i don’t care if it will take me a lot of time! Even i don’t charge this time to my clients: i take my time to do as better as i can but i don’t want to weigh it on customer’s wallet…!moreover, i’m inspired by pictures Black and grey with a strong contrast! I love Them!

In this years, i had The opportunity to see a lot of artist at work and i realized That there’s something settimo me apart from Them: The music! Contrary to lot of Them, i love to work hearing soft music, lounge music; i HATE metal or hard rock music! Expecially when i’m working!i’m inspired by some artists That i consider as lighthouses for What i want to do: Here some names: Dmitriy Samohin( my favorite), Den Yakovlev, Andy Engel ,Carlos Torres. Great artists!my favorite Style is realistic Style, expecially Black e grey, even if i love to get tattooed with traditional subject . In The future i wish i can get an high quality in my Black and grey realistic tattoos!

When someone contacts me for a Tattoo, i always try to advice him/her to Find more pictures it’s possible, in high quality and with clear and strong contrasts! So i can mix Them to realize with a little bit fantasie a good Tattoo, without study or planning a lot,following my istinct! It surprise me to see a lot of People That relies his skin keeping total faith in me even without know exattely What i’m doing,without see it drawn on paper before !the advice i often give Them is: ehi, trust in me!

There’s a Tattoo i’d really love to do and is a sleeve dedicated to my favorite film: Pulp fiction! Who know a….Maybe someone, someday,

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