Fahrettin Demir

Fahrettin Demir is an amazing realistic tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey

Fahrettin Demir was born in 1988. In 2010, Fahrettin Demir started making tattoos while he was studying at Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2012, his first tattoo convention he won “Best of Show 1st Place & Best of Portrait 1st Place”

To Fahrettin Demir, tattooing equals love… it’s addictive! “Tattooing is my favorite visual art and I have my most enjoyable moments when I make tattoos. Using needles instead of brush is giving me more pleasure..”

Realism is his choice style of work, but not hyperrealism. “I like making tattoos where you can read and taste the sense of a brush or a real paint. When you look a Monet you see the texture and the pattern of the paint and the brush. That’s what I wanted to reflect on my tattoos.”

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