Jens Bergström

As a tattoo artist so I’m very all-round and have always tried to, in good faith, meet up at the customer’s request. Over the years I have refined some techniques more than others and work anywhere in Horror, Realistic, Portrait and Japanese.

While I love to do an Old School Tattoo and return to the roots now and then. 2005, I won the “tattooist of the Year” and has since it really had an opportunity to develop my craft.

The vision of Heavenly Ink is still the same, always putting the customer first.

Help with this, I get a daily basis by my wife and co-workers Zandra. She is the one who makes sure that we can work as we do today. As the inquiry is increasing so is the time to tattoo more and more limited. Therefore, she is the most important person in the company. She takes care of everything related to the studio and all the customers’ desires and questions.

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