Dmitriy Samohin

 Dmitriy Samohin from Ukraine is without a doubt one of the most talented realistic tattoo artists in the world. Both his color and black and grey work has set a new level to what constitutes “good” realistic tattooing.

Dmitriy Samohin has in a relatively short amount of time been known as one of the absolute best tattoo artists in the world. He has for example won National Tattoo Associations  “Artist’s choice realistic tattoo award”, “artist’s choice tattooist of best colored back piece”, “People’s choice realistic tattoo award” and “People’s  choice tattooist of best colored back piece”.  And that is just a few of the impressive awards he has received. Some of his most inspiring work is an fantastic wildlife/portrait suite on his worldwide manager Evelyne Anais. Those tattoos are just breath taking! Other famous and renowned tattooartists are also praising his work and the amazing level of realistic tattooing he brings to the table.

These days he’s a very sought-after tattoo artists to participate in tattoo conventions, guest spoting, tattoo seminars, workshops, and … the list goes on, and on. If you are eager to get a tattoo done by Mr. Samohin, it is best that you stand in line to book a session. For the list is getting longer!

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